Kitto Katsu: You Will Surely Win!

So I was resting this afternoon when I had to get up for a minute.
When I came back, KitKat had stolen my spot!
His usual spot is that brown blanket toward the bottom left in the picture.
At first, he was alarmed. Would I be mad?
He tried the slow blink, then the innocent look:
Oh. Was this your spot? I had no idea.
Finally, the majestic stare.
I’m descended from lions. We’ve got eminent domain!
Even after I removed the pillows and other blankets, he returned to my spot. It was directly in the sun, where he longed to be!
Don’t deprive me of the sunniest spot on the bed!
I’m behind on my eighteen hours of sleep for the day.
KitKat’s name in Japanese is similar to the phrase, Kitto Katsu, which means, “you will surely win!”
In the end, we compromised: he got my comfy spot on the bed and I got to sit on the couch in the other room. He surely did win!