Tech Tip – Hacked Email


My techie guy son gives some tips about what to do if your email account gets hacked. He says, “The most important thing is to run an anti-virus scan such as Avast and then change the password on your email account. It’s probably a good idea to send a message to your contacts telling them to keep an eye out for suspicious emails – if they receive anything unusual, especially an email with an attachment, be warned not to open it.” Good advice!

Techie Translation

HAF 922 by David Atkinson Images
HAF 922, a photo by David Atkinson Images on Flickr.

I don’t understand my son’s Tech Accent. Tech-cent? He’s a gamer and a Tech Dude who throws acronyms at me like “LOL” and “IDK” – sometimes even “Bee Tee Dubs.”

Today he said, “I just heard Windows 8 will support XBox 360 games, Ma.” I said, grunt? Eye roll. “You know, you can play XBox 360 games on Windows 8 once it comes out.” I said, “oh, I get it.” But do I really?

Coleman’s Tech Tip – Backing Up Files


I asked my Techie Guy son, Coleman, what the options are in terms of backing up important files on the computer.  He started talking like a meteorologist, throwing around terms like “cloud storage.”  This is apparently, a way of saving files via the internet.

He suggested a program called DropBox, an online storage program that provides 2 GB of storage for free.  If all you want to back up is, say Word files, this should be enough for a fair amount.  For other things you might want to save, such as photos, videos and music downloads, it might not provide enough space.  You do have the option of subscribing, which gives you 50 GB for $10/month, 100 GB for $20/month.

We’ll explore other options for online storage if you guys are interested.  Comment and let us know.