O Canada!


Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash

One of my son’s friends once paid me a sweet compliment. He said, “You’re so nice. Are you from Canada?” I told him I’m from New Jersey. He said, “Huh. But you seem Canadian to me. Always so pleasant.” 🌷

The reason I tell this story is that yesterday, for some reason, this humble blog had a huge spike in views, and almost all were from readers in Canada. Don’t know why! But I thought I may as well take a moment to pander to our neighbors up north.😀

Go Canada! 🍁

Ways to Find out what Homeowners’ Insurance Covers


Walk down hall with coffee mug in one hand, soda can from son’s room in other. One goes into microwave, one goes into recycle bin. Get the two confused. Run like Baywatch-slow-mo as realization sets in. Get there just in time to rescue aluminum can from inside the microwave. Emit “phew” dodging-bullet noise. 

PS I couldn’t find a clean version of the Baywatch-slow-motion run to post, so here’s a slow-mo ninja cat instead. Enjoy!

Ways to Do Unintentional Science Experiments


Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Put in coffee grounds. Forget to put water into coffeemaker. Turn on. Wait one minute. Wonder why it’s not perking. Open lid. Pour in water. Poof! A puff of air like a glaucoma test on steroids. Duck! Bob! Weave! Flying coffee grounds, incoming!  Get pinged repeatedly. Feels like hot sand on a beach. Emit semi-French words not permissible on most blogs. Consider tea instead.