Welcome to Grace & Gratitude, formerly Ruth Williams’ Blog. I’ve updated my theme, had you noticed? πŸ™‚ Hope you’ll feel right at home. Come, have a virtual warm cuppa, and visit for a while. Peace & Blessings!

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  1. My son moved to New Jersey just over a year ago after spending his first 27 years in Iowa. He’s a Political Science prof at TCNJ so I’m following you with a bit of added personal interest.

    • Oh, dear, Debbie. He’s one of us now! He’s from Joizey! Funny you should comment today – my next post is called “I’m From Jersey.” We’ll take good care of your son and return him to you mostly intact – he will talk differently though! Youse know what I mean? Thanks for checking in!

  2. sf

    I’ve only transited through the Newark airport and stayed one night at a Howard Johnson in NJ. Besides that, I’ve never toured the city. It will interesting to read your posts about there.

  3. sf

    THANKS so much for your great encouragement in regards to my fear of writing English class papers! That was so helpful and I couldn’t believe the wonderful feedback I had received on the post and by email. I really needed that and I sure got a boost from it, that I was able to finish my paper this morning around 5:40am! Finishing it wasn’t as awesome to me as how I had felt supernaturally uplifted to continue typing and deleting, back and forth again, until the paper was done. All right! Thanks again!

    • Hey there, SF! Thanks for stopping by. I knew you’d do just fine with your essay – you’ve got what it takes and we all know it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of believing it yourself! And those challenges we go through? It just builds up our Resilience Muscles and makes the next speed bump easier to sail over. Plus now, you can pass on the encouragement to the next traveler on the road of life you may encounter!! Take good care, and I’ll see you ’round your bloggie!

  4. sf

    THANKS so much for once again giving the ultimate of encouragements. Girlfriend, you should not only be a freelance writer, but an advice columnist! That C grade had sure gotten me down. And although I knew I needed to pick myself up and start putting my mind on the stuffs that I sorta can do, I didn’t seem to be able to. So your comment had sure given me the oomph I needed to get my head back straight on again. Thanks! Yes, I certainly do hope that whatever I end up doing after my college is over (in 2 months – seemed so far away, but now it’s right around the corner!) actually DOESN’T have anything to do with proper grammar writing. I shall be hopeful for that and will letcha know about it in a post, as soon as I’m given whatever position the Lord wants me to be in. Thanks again, with Shin noodle soup con limon on top. Teehee.

    • Morning, SF! Well, it’s morning here in Jersey. So glad to hear from you – I was worried that that C grade would take the wind out of your sails. It’s just a speed bump on the road of life, y’know? No such thing as all or nothing. Lighten up when things get that heavy. The most important thing is to keep on truckin! I’ll take that Shin noodle soup con limon now, pliz! KIT (Jersey for Keep in Touch!) Ruth πŸ™‚

    • Greetings to you too, Mercedita! Where’s my trophy? And perhaps a generous stipend! πŸ™‚ Just kidding! You know I’m from Jersey, and we often “bust shoes.”

      Thanks for thinking of me, and for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy reading uplifting blogs, and your positive energy is absolutely contagious!

      Take good care,


  5. sf

    Howdy, Ruth! I just came across the Elance.com Web site somehow and am still trying to figure it out. Knowing that you do freelance writing work, I was wondering if you happen to utilize that venue also, besides using Craigslist too (which you had mentioned in past posts about). Just wanted to know how useful that Elance has been for ya, if you happen to use it, cuz goodness, it’s pretty deep and confusin’ stuff to me.

    • Hi sf! I was signed up for O-Desk, and Elance is similar – freelancers bid for projects, so they have to come in with a low-ball figure in order to get the gig. They really don’t even pay market rates and it’s kind of dog-eat-dog. I found many more viable gigs on Craigslist, although you have to really be wary, cuz some people are sketchy. If you want to pursue writing, figure out your niche and look for gigs in that arena – when I started, I loved writing about senior citizens’ issues. I started writing for no pay for the Manitoba Society of Seniors Journal, and that gave me a portfolio to show other, paying gigs what I could do for them. From there, I got a seniors’ column with AOL’s Patch, and a couple of seniors’ magazines. I branched into copywriting and got some gigs writing ads, brochures, website content through the Creative Group (a temp agency for writers, artists, etc., affiliated with Robert Half) and answered some Craigslist ads (that’s how I got one of my favorite gigs, Prayables.com.) You can do SEO articles, as I did, but it’s a grind. Lot of churning out, little monetary return. But start by figuring out what your niche is. What do you want to write about? Who would your audience be? What interests you? Go get em, sf! The world needs to hear from you. Peace & Blessings! πŸ™‚ Ruth

      • sf

        Carumba! It all sounds so technical! Thank you so much for giving me all of these details, though. And also for letting me know about O-Desk. I certainly have no idea what in the world I’d wanna write about, since writing for me here on WP is already quite a difficult matter (so my adding pics to my posts hopefully helps out my nonsensical posts a bit). Grateful to ya for these tips, which I will surely look back on when that day comes when I think I’m a good enough writer to write for others too.
        p.s. It would be so cool if you had a Dear Ruth blog or column, like a Dear Abby one. Not really for advice, but more for encouragement – cuz you’re so helpful in giving ’em! :oD

  6. platosgroove

    Looking forward to getting to know you. If you know my dragonfly friend then I think you must be a soul with discriminating and excellent taste.

  7. in567

    Oh, how blessed you are to have naturally red colored hair!!!
    I know, it’s often the case that we want curly hair, if we have straight hair or vice versa. But still. I’d love to have naturally red hair. Gives one pizzazz!, is what I say. Have an awesome blame-others-free and non-LOL week, Ruth! Haha!

    • Love the word “pizzazz”, in! It almost makes me LOL! πŸ™‚ We’re having a heatwave here in Jersey, so I’ll have to find a scapegoat for that. SMH! Have a fantabulous week, dear heart!

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