5 thoughts on “Cone of Share

  1. Carol L. Gonzalez

    We had a dog named Buster who looked like a pure breed Retriever but was actually a mutt. He had to have surgery on a hematoma on his ear and had to wear one of those cones. Our other dog Coco was so happy when he came home from the vet that day! In 1996 we took in a feral kitten who was very tiny, she was a very pretty tabby and at first was deathly afraid of Buster but grew to love him over time. Sadly in early 1997 we had to have Buster put to sleep. This picture reminds me so much of those two pets!

  2. Wow, you’ve had a lot of pets, Carol! That’s awesome. I’ve always wondered how long it must take for a cat and dog to trust each other in the same household. I’ve never had both at the same time, so I imagine it must take a while. 🙂

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