4 thoughts on “& Gimme Yer Sammich

    • I know, isn’t it the greatest? I think of this picture out of nowhere during the day and laugh, Pidgie! People give you a lot of space when you do that in the store. 🙂

  1. krcc

    Reminds me of a movie title I had seen misspelled the other day. It’s actual title is called Lucy, like the name. But the translation was written as “Roosi”. Made me laugh. I didn’t watch the movie, though, cuz it was to violent, not even 3 minutes into it.

    Hope the weather’s warmin’ up for ya over there in Jersey, Ruth. Have a wonderful day! ~ in.

    • Wow, in, what a bad translation! That movie was only “eh” if it’s the one with Scarlett Johanson. Yep, very violent. Well, we’re plum snowed in here in Jersey. Over a foot already, and our tree in the front yard has been smooshed by the weight of the snow to the size of a hedge. So strange! Well, as long as we have Entenmann’s (cake – do you have that brand, too?) we’ll be copasetic. Take care!

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