Kitto Katsu 🐈


Just found out that the candy bar, KitKat, is very popular in Japan, partly because its Japanese name, Kitto Katto is similar to a good luck phrase. “Kitto Katsu” means, “You Surely Will Win!”

Around exam time, Japanese students buy KitKat bars for good luck.

I think I’d like to start a trend to make my cat, named KitKat, Big in Japan. Do-meow arigatou! 😺

3 thoughts on “Kitto Katsu 🐈

  1. Mimi Greenberg

    The origin of the name KitKat comes from WW 2 Germany. It was a nightclub with bawdy vaudeville acts. It was a favorite hang out for Nazi soldiers. You may remember it from β€œCaberet.”

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