The Last Word


This is the poem that comes to my mind when shocking violence fills the newsfeed. Even though it was written about the Boston Marathon bombing, it resonates today, the day after the massacre at Las Vegas. Written by my writing partner, sacred poet Lori Strawn.


I wonโ€™t lie to you: Iโ€™m finding it difficult to write about the events of last week. When I get emotionally bottled-up like this, I turn to poetry. Let this be my contribution to the discussion.

It was a week
to shake the faith
right out of our bones.

But faith cannot fall
to such a small god:
a god of bombs, bullets, ripped limbs.

Seek God elsewhere.
He is there in the helpers.
In solace, yes, and mourning, too.
In healing hands, in hope.

Look to those who know the truth:
What is not love
cannot be God.

Hate destroys.
Love restores.
There is your answer.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Word

    • Oh, I love this poem, Lori. It’s kind of a blanket and a shield. It’s a lot like faith, I think: it comforts me and protects me in times like these. Thanks for writing such a thing of beauty!

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