5 thoughts on “Do a Thing

    • Oh thou Lady Calen! You are so astute. Today’s my birthday and I wanted to do a thing. Not sure what – you know that feeling of ennui, or malaise, or some kind of spiritual gridlock? 🙂 I’m sure it will end up in a post down the road.

  1. in

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUTH!!! For myself, my birthday Rule #1: Do not do anything that requires effort (mental or physical). Period. So girlfriend, you’re on the right track for this birthday, in my book!

    • Thanks, dear heart! I took your advice and really vegged out yesterday. Ordered some food and kicked back! I really believe in the notion of a “Birthday Month” as opposed to just the one measly day, doncha think? Maybe we can start a new trend! 🙂

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