Just yesterday, I was saying how much I love this big, old tree in my backyard, and how I’ve learned from it to let go of things that don’t serve me. This afternoon, I heard a massive crunching noise, and sure enough, it had dropped an enormous limb.

I really hope this tree doesn’t go into freefall and completely come down. Maybe it was just clearing house for the fall?

In the poem, When Great Trees Fall, Maya Angelou said, “When great trees fall, rocks on distant hills shudder, lions hunker down in tall grasses, and even elephants lumber after safety…They existed. We can be. Be and be better. For they existed.”

8 thoughts on “Treefall

  1. I just read somewhere today that trees will sometimes shed their branches to make room for new growth. That wasn’t on you post from yesterday, right? I wonder where I read it… Hm… That must have been sad to see that happen. I think I would have cried if that had been General Mapleon. 😦

    • I was just saying at the end of the other post that we could clear out pain from the past to make space for new growth, but I wouldn’t be surprised if trees already knew that! Trees seem so wise and deep.

      You know, the tree guy who cleared my last branch-fall told me that trees communicate through their vast root network, and they tell each other when danger is approaching. Maybe they do speak without words!

  2. in567

    Reminds me of the first time I had first learned of ice rain. I was in S. Carolina and the weather was in the 30s when it rained. By the afternoon, there was constant crashing sounds coming from the parking lot. Sounded like breaking glass. When I looked out my window, I realized that it was the branches from the trees outside that were breaking off because of all of the heavy icicles that were on ’em from the rain. Crash!, they went all afternoon.
    Such a nice and shady tree it is in your backyard, Ruth.

    • That would be freaky to see, in! Tree branches covering so quickly with icicles and the sounds of crashing. There’s some intense weather coming toward Florida via Hurricane Matthew, and they’re even evacuating whole towns. That’s the kind of weather you see in a movie, like one of my faves, The Day After Tomorrow. Have you seen that one?

      • in567

        Is that the one with whatzisname? Mr. Every-Summertime-Flicks Fella? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Dude. If so, no, I didn’t watch it. Unfortunately, I kinda get turned off when it comes to certain actors I don’t care for. But I did see snippets of it while channel-surfing before, so I kinda got the jist of it. If I come across it again someday, I’ll check it out, Ruth. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Oh, you’re thinking of Independence Day with Will Smith. Naw, this one has Dennis Quaid (my next ex-husband-to-be; he just doesn’t know it yet! :)) and Jake Gyllenhall. It’s not Shakespeare, but just a mindless popcorn movie I’ve really come to love!

      • in567

        Ah, I recollect that movie. Didn’t watch it, though. Just snippets. I don’t think it’s a mindless one. Will check it out. (Just had second thoughts of the fella after his B-Mountain film…whoa there. Haha!)

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