The Rain, The Sun & The Air


Sunroom 006My sunroom is all windows so you feel like you’re sitting in a little nature preserve.

It’s peaceful, particularly now that the leaves are starting to fall and a breeze has rolled in.

The birds and squirrels mill about the yard, crunching across rust-colored leaves as they prepare for the chill to come.

A giant tree towers above th20160928_120848e sunroom like a peaceful parasol. There’s something about its silent solidness. I wonder how such a huge tree can survive on so little – just the rain, the sun and the air – and why in the world such tall things don’t topple over.

The key is self-pruning.

Every so often, that tree will drop weighty branches that it doesn’t need anymore, ones that have rotted or overgrown.

That tree speaks to me without words. Let go of what doesn’t serve you.

Pain from the past, fears for the future. What might have been. It just weighs you down if you don’t release it. Once you let go, you’ll find you’ve cleared space for new growth. Seasons change, and life goes on.

5 thoughts on “The Rain, The Sun & The Air

  1. “Let go of what doesn’t serve you…” I must be needing to hear that because I’ve read those words here and there about a dozen times this week already. A lovely and wise post, Ruth.

    • You know, even when I can identify “what doesn’t serve me” why am I so hesitant to let it go? What on earth am I afraid is going to happen? You know, I just bought a new brown hamper and waste basket for the bathroom. Had the old white ones for probably 20 years. They’re coming apart and have obviously had it. Yet there they sit at the end of the hallway because I can’t seem to take them outside to the trash. And though that’s a material example, emotional issues, people, etc., I still have that problem with.

  2. Well, TLC (The Lady Calen) I think it’s because you believe everything (and everyone) has some sort of value. It is hard to let go, and that hamper is a great metaphor. You know, at least you’re aware of it, so that must mean you’re starting to incrementally let go, as it has to start in the mind first. We went deep here! You should write a post about this subject! XO

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