Three Little Words


My recent post on the blog I co-write with Sue Bradford Edwards and Lori Strawn, praypower4today, led to my writing an incredibly short e-book on Kindle called Three Little Words. The catalyst for writing this teeny, tiny collection of three-word affirmations was inspirational blogger, the Lady Calen, of the wonderful blog, Impromptu Promptlings. I wrote this as a lark, and it’s so tiny I can’t even call it a book, more a booklet! So I wanted to thank Lady Calen and offer her these three words: you’re an inspiration!

7 thoughts on “Three Little Words

  1. Oh my gosh! What an honor. But Ruth, dear, it was YOUR words that made so much sense to me. I’m glad, thought, if it made you feel creative. And I want one of those booklets! Heaven knows how much I need those words in my life. So how do I get it? Oh! And congratulations! {{{Ruth}}}

    • Lady Calen, you’re a Motivational Blogger! That’s what you are. Always so encouraging! You know, I don’t know how to send you a copy, now that I think of it! I think you have to have an Amazon Kindle to access it. I can send you the Word file if you’d like, although it doesn’t look as fancy without the Amazon-created cover!

      • I GOT THIS! LOL Already downloaded to my Kindle something or other (cloud reader?) at Amazon. (I never know what I’m doing on there.) It’s a lovely little book. And I seriously think you should consider doing a calendar for the new year. Even one with just the 12 months and an affirmation on each picture. If someone meditated on one of those affirmations for a whole month that would be very helpful. Just sayin… 😀

      • Ooh, I’d love to do a calendar! The only thing is that I can’t figure out how to adjust the layout so everything’s aligned properly. Also, I’d want to get some pictures from our readers on praypower4today, perhaps. Something that’s meaningful to them, pix of their pets or their gardens. Uplifting stuff. Ah well, that’s a project for another time!

    • Thanks, LoriGirl! The Lady Calen inspired me with her comment, and I really did it on a lark. I thought, this is so out-there that I have to do it! Three words on a page with a pretty picture! The only thing is that self-publishing on Kindle e-books doesn’t offer any technical support, so the layout looks hinky. Wish I could fix it, but don’t know how! 🙂

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