Did You Turn Down That Path?


July 27, 2011 006

So I’ve been having dreams for a while now about “walking the path.” I wrote a poem about it a while back. Recently, I had this “being at the crossroads” dream, and it was so very vivid – my feet hurt as if I’d been traveling and I was exhausted, even though I’d just woken up from a full night’s sleep.

Starting in on my morning routine, I began to fold some laundry.  I brought my son’s clothes into his room, where he was still snug in bed, since it was early.  He said something to me, in a mumble-y, groggy voice.

“Did you turn down that path?” he said to me.

I was really startled by this. His eyes were closed.

I said, “what, honey?”

Even though he was still asleep, he said it this time with some vehemence.

“Did you turn down that path?!?” he asked.

Not sure how he knew about my dream, especially since he was still asleep. But what in the world does it all mean? What path am I supposed to take? Does “turn down” mean to go in that direction, or to reject it? Wonder if there is such a thing as a Dreamscape Linguist.  I’ve got a real mystery on my hands!

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