Holey, Wholly, Holy


Wonderful post today by my writing partner, Lori Strawn, from our blog, praypower4today.  She really tells it like it is with this one!


Not gonna lie; I’m kind of falling apart right now. I’m beset with a host of physical complaints — too small to dignify by naming, but taken together, quite wearying. And I’m mourning four deaths in seven months, with another looming. I’m tired and sore in spirit and flesh. The up side? I’m ripe for a resurrection, just in time for Easter.

In her book A Tree Full of Angels: Seeing the Holy in the Ordinary, Marcrina Wiederkehr writes about the voids in our beings, and how they provide God space to work within us. In other words, I may be at my shabbiest now, full of holes, but those very holes give God space to fill me, heal me, work God’s grace within me.

Sure, it would be nice to be wholly holy. But that doesn’t give God any room to maneuver, to effect change. God not only…

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2 thoughts on “Holey, Wholly, Holy

  1. sf

    Thanks so much for your ultra-kind comment once again, Ruth. You sure have one of the best gifts of all – the gift of encouragement! And you have blessed me GREATLY once again. I am now standing (er, sitting) taller and am additionally excited about the coming days. Thanks for suggesting for me to stop by Sue’s blog again, which I haven’t read in awhile. She does have excellent writing skills, as you do too. I love to read both of your writings on PrayPower4Today. A super-duper grand New Jersey Good Mornin’ to ya!

    • Hey there, SF! I think that IS my ministry, as small a thing as it may seem some days. Most people in the world go for days, weeks, without a pat on the back, but plenty of criticism and small slights abound. Your gift is being yourself, and all the things that don’t work out (like grammar, etc.) are really dots on the map, guiding you away from what isn’t your “gig” (as we say in free-lance writing) and toward what you are meant to work on. God didn’t want me to be a marathon runner, hence, he gave me hinky MS feet! But he did want me to know firsthand what pain feels like so I could genuinely comfort others during their hard stretches. Everybody has gifts. You’ll see!

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