Heartwarmer du Jour


Nothing like a heartwarming, true story to start the New Year off right! I read about a homeless man who was interviewed by Stanley Roberts of KRON-TV in San Francisco, and as it turned out, he was the original drummer for the band Santana. ¬†Roberts connected him with Carlos Santana, who plans to help his former bandmate. Marcus “the Magnificent” Malone, get back on his feet.

I read about this story first on the Christian Post, and in their article, the things they quoted Santana and Malone as saying sound like lyrics from a song yet to be written:

“You don’t know how afraid I am to let you see me,” Malone said, looking disheveled.

“You don’t know how hard I prayed to get to see you,” replied Santana.

Darn imaginary onions I wasn’t chopping! ¬†Great. There’s something in my eye now. Hope we have more stories like this one as the year goes on.