Cranky Pants and Coffee Cups



On the news this morning, researchers announced that having four cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of suicide by 50%.


You sure it’s the coffee?

Could it be that, if you have time for four cups of coffee you’re not out working in a coal mine? That you have a desk, an office even, nice crisp white collar. You’re not out digging ditches. Your bills are paid (mostly) and you have a 401K.

Could that be it?

You sure it’s the coffee?

Could it be that people who are having four cups of coffee are usually doing it at a break room table with other people. I think this is referred to as “socializing” with “friends.” Some regard this as having an emotional support network.

You sure it’s the coffee?

But hey. You guys did the research. You got the government grant. You screened out all the other variables that might have an impact.  Right? So it must be the coffee.

Sorry about the sarcasm, good people. I’ve only had two cups of coffee this morning, so I still have my crankypants on. Talk to me two cups from now and I’m sure I’ll be right as rain!

2 thoughts on “Cranky Pants and Coffee Cups

  1. Too, too funny. You must drink coffee similar to how I drink coffee. While writing is good. Reading, movie watching and knitting are also good.

    I’m not so in love with the to-go cup because it means that I am out and about doing things like SHOPPING with my coffee. Ick.

    Four cups of coffee — essential.
    The correct atmosphere in which to enjoy it? Priceless.


    • I agree, SueBE – I rarely have a to-go cup of coffee. Shopping is just not a fun pastime for me either! But sitting in my sunroom with a good book? Now we’re talkin!

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