Walk the Good Road to the Day of Quiet



Grandfather, Great Mysterious One,
You have been always and before You nothing has been.
There is nothing to pray to but You.
The star nations all over the universe are Yours,
and Yours are the grasses of the earth.
Day in and day out You are the life of things.
You are older than all need,
older than all pain and prayer.
Grandfather, all over the world the faces of the living ones are alike.
In tenderness they have come up out of the ground.
Look upon Your children with children in their arms,
that they may face the winds,
and walk the good road to the day of quiet.
Teach me to walk the soft earth,
a relative to all that live.
Sweeten my heart and fill me with light,
and give me the strength to understand and the eyes to see.
Help me, for without You I am nothing.

Native American prayer

3 thoughts on “Walk the Good Road to the Day of Quiet

  1. Mary Boscaino

    Love this, Ruth. Thank you for sharing! I think I’d like to post it somewhere in my house as we begin a new adventure of homesteading in our (not yet finished) new/old home.

  2. Isn’t it beautiful, Mary? I find myself going back to this prayer whenever I feel stressed and suddenly my breathing is even and my mind is at ease. Good luck working on your home!

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