8 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom

  1. in567

    Ah, another gem from your blog’s archives.

    Glad to know that them Crayon Pop ladies and the downtown crowds had been fun for ya to see today!

    I know whatcha mean ’bout not wantin’ to see sumthin’ sappy on Netflix. It stinks to be all cryin’ over sumthin’ that’s supposed to be “entertainment”. Hmm…I just realized I don’t have a happy K show posted yet. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Thanks, dear heart! This tiny poem is great, but I can’t help but wonder who would name a child “William” when the family’s last name is “Williams”? What’s up with that? 🙂

      I really did enjoy the Crayon Pop videos, and I’m surprised they haven’t found Psy’s kind of fame here. They’re really good.

      I’ll definitely check out some K shows if you tell me what’s good. You’ll be my K movie source! Steer me in the right direction, in!

      • in567

        Reminds me of a classmate I used to have who’d always say in his introduction: “My name is Brian Cebrian and I’m from Cebu City, Cebu.”

        Didja already check out my “k drama for the k drama newbie” post? Although it’s from way back in 2002, its story was and is still the best one since. After makin’ that post, I had re-watched it over again (3rd time) and it was still good! Am currently on episode 10. And any of the movies I’ve posted ’bout I’d recommend. If you haven’t seen The Man From Nowhere already, it’s the one that will pull yo heartstrings, although it’s an action film. There’s actually a pretty good Netflix review for that movie. Am still workin’ on a fun post, so stay tuned, Ruth!

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