Noreaster Athena Hits Central Jersey


Many areas of New Jersey are still digging out from Hurricane Sandy and now we’re getting hit by a Noreaster called “Athena.” Here in Franklin Township, we’ve got snow falling and sticking, creating a slippery slush on the roads. Temps are in the thirties, so we’ll be freezing overnight.

The roads in the morning will be treacherous, so many schools have delayed opening or are closed. Check your board of ed. website to see if your school is closed.

If power goes out and you still have your phone working, you can listen to News12NJ on your phone at 646/273-1212. It’s nice to know what’s going on when the power is out.

I’ve already lit candles and have my flashlight and battery-operated radio nearby. Just in case.

3 thoughts on “Noreaster Athena Hits Central Jersey

  1. Here in South Orange there is snow that will have to be shoveled. Plows have been through our neighborhood already. Have seen a couple of planes in the air so I guess the worst is over. I believe the children in our town do have school today. I am thankful our power did not go out again although there are people in South Orange who are still waiting for restoration! Pathmark was mobbed yesterday around noon time-I still needed some items to restock my fridge and freezer. Be safe Ruth!

    • Same thing here, Carol – wet, heavy snow to clear, and the plows came through early and salted as well, so the roads are just wet now. Not too bad to drive on as the day warms up so there isn’t that icy sheen on the roads. My son’s school has a delayed opening, but some are closed as a precaution. There was a general sense of panic at Wegman’s yesterday since we’re all still shell-shocked from Sandy, but this one turned out to be mild, all things considered. Thanks for checking in, Carol! You be safe too. 🙂

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