Are Franklin Township’s Schools Back in Session Tomorrow? Don’t Know Yet.


From Franklin Township Board of Education website:

Sunday, November 4, 2012 – Most of the buildings of Franklin Township Public Schools have fared well after Hurricane Sandy. The members of our buildings and grounds teams have been working since the storm subsided to clear tree limbs and other debris. There was some damage to a mechanical unit on the roof of Franklin High School and some flooding there. A portion of Sampson G. Smith School’s roof was damaged and there was also flooding at that school. Work has been started to fix the roof at SGS but there remain power issues at that school. Franklin Park School as well as the annex have not had power since the storm.

The roads in and around the Township have experienced closures and our transportation department is in the process of assessing the viability of school busses traveling tomorrow.

An update will be provided via phone blast and web site update later this afternoon.

For those who are still feeling the effects of the storm, the Township website has information on resources available to help at We will provide information for families with specific issues once our students return to school.

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