Jersey Stronger Than Ever


The storm is over but the aftermath for New Jersey is heart-breaking. We lost a lot of our Jersey Shore, and everywhere you look, the landscape has changed. Trees fell, wires are down, power is out, there’s nowhere to get gas or milk.

Tree down on the wires in front of my house.

We lost power and it was surprising how cold it gets at night. All the blankets weren’t enough. We used up candles until they literally melted away.

Item formerly known as a “candle.”

We realized that we didn’t know how to operate low-tech media such as “books” since we’re always hooked up to the internet.

Newfangled invention called “books” – similar to Kindle, only pages must be turned manually.

My best friend became this battery-operated radio.

My only connection to the world during the storm.

We had to throw away all the food in the fridge since it had spoiled. There was no running water and the toilets didn’t flush. I don’t think I’ll post any pictures of that situation! Mercy.

The fence in my yard came down.

Don’t fence me in, Sandy.

But the storm couldn’t blow away the things that matter: friends, family, faith.

Keep the faith, New Jersey.

These are the things that got us through the storm and they’ll give us strength to re-build. This is New Jersey, youse guys, and – not fuh nuttin – we’ll be back, betta than evva.

6 thoughts on “Jersey Stronger Than Ever

  1. Pidgie, you sound so down. Did you get hit hard too? Here’s why I’m positive we’ll be back: we’ve come this far. We got through it and we’ll just put one foot in front of the other. It won’t be exactly the same, but we’ve adjusted before. After 9/11, we were in shock for months, but we found a new normal, y’know? Hang in there, girlfriend. We’ll make it through.


    • Thanks, Carol. Glad you made it through and finally have heat back! That really is the worst thing about it, isn’t it? No heat. My son thinks the worst thing was not being able to use his X-Box. Sigh. ‘Preciate you checking in!

    • Thanks, SueBE, I’m counting on your powerful prayers! I have to say it really does make you appreciate small comforts like coffee. I’ve been reading you and Lori’s posts to get spiritual sustenance, so thanks much for that! Hugs, Ruth

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