Sometimes when I visit the zoo, I get the sense that the animals are otherwise engaged.  They don’t seem thrilled to see me, even if I throw some bread crumbs in their direction.  And I realized, I’m like paparazzi to these creatures. They can’t help it if they’re lovely to look at and people find them endlessly fascinating.  They look bored, like models down the catwalk.  Oh.  Are you here again?  To gawk at me?  Oh joy.  Why don’t you just leave the bag of food and hit the bricks, pal.

Even the animals here have the Jersey ‘tude!

One thought on “Paparazzoo

  1. sf

    I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time. Thanks for reminding me to check one out soon. The animals I’d love to see one day are the zoo monkeys in Japan. Ever hear about them? They even bathe in heated waters (like a sauna). The reason I’d like to see ’em one day is because they’ve been fed so much by the visitors, that many of them have become overweight. Just thought they’d look so cute to see with their paunchy tummies and all. I wonder if they think each day, “This is the life!” as they’re well-fed and float around in hot baths.

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