Joizey Bans DWS: Driving While Smiling


When you come to New Jersey for a visit, don’t smile.  We frown on happiness here!  Nah, not really.  But a new law bans smiling too big for your driver’s license picture. Apparently, it interferes with facial recognition software that will eventually (!) be used to prevent fraudulent licenses.  The general consensus here is, in Jerzese:

□ All kindsa Big Brudda goin on heyah!

□ Since when were we smilin anyways, pal?

□ More random rules fromma buncha bureaucrats.

√ Alls of the above.  I’m just sayin.




8 thoughts on “Joizey Bans DWS: Driving While Smiling

  1. With the amount of time spent in line at the DMV is anybody really ready to smile when their picture is taken anyhow? I do have to admit though that when I went for license renewal this year they used the picture taken at my previous license renewal and I was smiling in that one!

  2. I know what you mean Carol – I’ve never seen a license with anyone smiling. Certainly not my own! And the way you’re lit, you kinda look like a zombie anyway, so smiling big would really just seem creepy. Just seems like a waste of resources, all this hoopla!

  3. Yes, Deb! We frown on smiling! 🙂 I really don’t think anybody was smiling that big in the first place. The pix always look like a mug shot. Enjoy your time with us in the great Garden State!

  4. sf

    Even for passports, ya can’t smile. Pooh! I like my CA license, where I’m beaming like I had won a lottery (I’m always told I look like that).

      • in567

        When I renewed my Guam driver’s license this year, I was shocked (shocked!) when the camera fella said that we couldn’t smile no more. My pic looks like I’m tryin’ to be happy at a family reunion or am sitting on a chair that’s about to fall apart. Tryin’ to look like you’re happy, but without smiling? Pure talent, dat one.

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