Joizey Bans DWS: Driving While Smiling


When you come to New Jersey for a visit, don’t smile.  We frown on happiness here!  Nah, not really.  But a new law bans smiling too big for your driver’s license picture. Apparently, it interferes with facial recognition software that will eventually (!) be used to prevent fraudulent licenses.  The general consensus here is, in Jerzese:

□ All kindsa Big Brudda goin on heyah!

□ Since when were we smilin anyways, pal?

□ More random rules fromma buncha bureaucrats.

√ Alls of the above.  I’m just sayin.




Hinky Gigs


Actual Job Postings from Craigslist 9/13/12

1.     independent writers wanted

Looking for freelance writers for new magizine id like articles on mma boxing fitness gyms and the such magizine is in the starting phase so all articles willbe volenteer with payment avalable
In the future iwith possable permanent possions avalable down the line

Note:  May I suggest you also hire a “profreader?”

2.     Need someone to write a copywrite sales letter for adult ebook

I need someone to write a copyright sales pitch letter with some fake reviews. I’m trying to sell a adult ebook and I need some one who is good at sales writing. Please send me a sample for your consideration and let me know your rate.

Note:  Instead of writing fake reviews, try writing a better book.

3. Staff Writer – the fastest growing digital media and networking platform in NYC’s real estate industry – is hiring Staff Writers.

Responsibilities include: integrated editorial workflow, copy-editing, gathering industry news, feature writing and web posting.

Ideal candidates possess a working knowledge of media and real estate. Moreover, we are looking for talented writers with an understanding of social media, and strong communication skills.

Initially, this is an unpaid position that will grow into a salary position for the right candidate. Essentially, the position is for writers who are looking to build their editorial portfolio and social following to ultimately secure a full-time job.

Send your resume and writing samples to

Note:  There’s a reason they call them brokers – if you work for them for free, you’ll be broke!

God Rest


We aren’t sure how to feel, or how to go on.
But since there’s no template, we have to wing it.
We miss you.
We love you.
We wish you were still with us.
We pray for you every day.
That you are safe now.
That you have a place to rest.
That there is no pain.
That you are treasured, honored and embraced, forever.
We will never forget you.

Prayer for the Souls at Ground Zero