Jersey Town Names


Here in central Jersey, our towns have interesting names. There are many derived from Native American words:


Some names are rather upbeat:

Comical Corner
Good Luck Point

Some are somewhat negative:

Coffins Corner
Crow Foot
Poverty Beach
Rotten Pond
Savage pond

Some sound so sweet, it’s almost too much:

Apple Pie Hill
Good Intent
Sugar Loaf

New Jersey News: Teen-age Driver Decals


The New Jersey Supreme Court today upheld a controversial law requiring teen-age drivers to put a red decal on their license plates. Known officially as “Kyleigh’s Law,” I’m going to unofficially re-name it the “Teen-age Target” law. Why not just send a letter to Predators & Pedophiles R Us that the kids are out on the roads unaccompanied by an adult?

A better idea would be to install a device that disables text messaging in all teenagers’ cars. It’s just as much a violation of privacy, but much more likely to make kids (and the rest of us) safer on the roads. Governor Christie, are you listening?

Chick-fil-fricken-ay, as we say in Jersey


Note: Couldn’t think of the plural of “ignoramus,” so instead I’ll just use the euphemism “poor misguided souls” for this post.

Note 2: Couldn’t think of the right word for those willing to fight and die for this country, dutifully paying taxes to pave roads and support schools, raising families and being good neighbors, so I’ll just refer to them as “the one in ten” for this post.

Oh, those poor misguided souls going to Chick-fil-a to show support for backward bigotry!

They want to make a point to let the one in ten know that they just don’t belong.

And all in the name of God, who created every last one of them. Just FYI, God has an Open Door Policy. Everyone’s welcome to walk through.

I say, don’t protest Chick-fil-a. It just empowers those who spew hate. Ignore them. You know where they stand, and you can’t change a closed mind. Go exact your revenge by living well. The point isn’t to make people you don’t respect approve of your choices. The point is not to give a damn.

Pet Peeves


I may contact AARP and ask them to retire these pointless, annoying phrases from the English language.

A man who needs no introduction…

ACK! Then stop speaking now.

The experience was so impactful…

Impactful? Sounds like a bad molar.

The thing is, is that…

No, no! One “is” at a time! No soup for you.

In my humble opinion…

One of my friend SueBE’s pet peeves! My thing is, who else’s opinion would it be?

Today, the temperature will be 85, but with the heat index, it will feel like 91.

Just tell me. Shorts or capris? Sneakers or flips?

One thing led to another….

Lazy storytelling (tip of the hat to Brian Regan for this one.)

It was an untimely death…

Please explain. When is death ever “timely?”

Don’t take this personally, but..

Hell to the no! Don’t even continue. But you did!

Don’t take it to heart…

Where else shall I take it then? To liver? To lower lumbago?

Not to toot my own horn, but….


Back in my day, life was simpler.

Beg to differ. Back in the old days, life was duller. We didn’t have the web.

PS Yes. I do have my cranky pants on today, and they’re V.V. comfy. 🙂