Rutgers Webcam Verdict


The world has been following the Rutgers Webcam Spying Trial since it began, and everybody here in Jersey has got an opinion.

During the trial, Ravi’s mother testified on behalf of her son’s character.  Upon meeting Tyler Clementi, she found him quiet but polite.  “I thought one day he’d come over to our house with Dharun.  It’s so sad,” she said “that he chose to end his life early.”  The emphasis she put on “chose” just bugged me.

When Judge Glenn Berman said to Ravi, “I heard this jury call you ‘guilty’ 288 times – 24 questions, 12 jurors, that’s the multiplication,” he said. “And I haven’t heard you apologize once,” we all assumed he was about to open up a can of whup-ass.  Then he issued his sentence.

Thirty days.

In county jail.

Not even state prison.

The jury had found Ravi guilty on all counts, including bias intimidation. This is a rhetorical question, but what’s the point of doing your civic duty when a judge gets to disregard a jury’s decision?  The prosecution plans to appeal, so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this case in the future.

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