Bad Ads


Okay, I’m onto you now, headache medicine advertisers! You’re making your commercials irritating on purpose. To give me a headache!! AHA! Excedrin Migraine features Elisabeth Moss (pre-Mad Men) staring at the camera, saying “These things are for real” about migraines. Like, who said they weren’t? Then there’s Head On. Designed to bore into your brain until you run screaming from the room.

Other bad ads stay with me as well.  I mean, I can’t make Sensa this ad campaign. What are they selling here?  Ladies’ jiggly bits?  This must be a popular product!

Then there’s the Adult Pertussis Vaccination Public Service Announcement.  So alarmist and awful, I have no words.

Lest we forget my old unfavorite, Education Connection.  So poorly written and such ham-handed acting that you KNOW somebody needs to go back to school.  I see what they did there.

Good times!

2 thoughts on “Bad Ads

  1. Carol

    Re the Sensa commercial: one of the woman looks an awful lot like Ming Na Wen, who used to be on ER. Can’t imagine that she would be doing a commercial for a weight loss product though! (The reason I know what Sensa is for is channel surfing I have seen them advertising it for sale on ShopNBC. Think it’s supposed to help curb your appetite).

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