Jersey News: Amber Alert and Silver Alert Resolved


Today in central Jersey, we had an Amber Alert and a Silver Alert, and happily, both ended well.

Infiniti Parker left her school in East Orange right after being dropped off on Thursday morning by her foster-mother. The ten-year-old ran away in an effort to reunite with her biological mom and was found today at her grandmother’s job. She’s back with her foster-mother tonight.

Elizabeth Carlson has cognitive impairment and earlier today, was temporarily missing.  The 43-year-old was found quickly, partly due to the fact that her car has an unusual license plate:  PUGDOGS.  Normally the silver alert is only used to help locate missing seniors, but in New Jersey, the network covers mental and cognitive impaired individuals as well.

The alert system really does work, and kudos to all the police personnel and good citizens who stepped up to help find our missing neighbors.  That’s the side of New Jersey the world needs to see more of. Way to go, youse guys!

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