Leave Whitney Alone


Today it was reported that New Jersey born superstar Whitney Houston had cocaine in her system at the time of her death.

Many people blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s troubles. If you had to blame someone, it might actually be Clive Davis. Even though he’s the one who “discovered” her, he was also the one who insisted that she homogenize her church-bred soulful sound into something more palatable. She was never allowed to just be herself.

I don’t think it was drowning or drugs that killed Whitney, but deep despair. No matter how this story ended, we will always love you, Whitney. May God give you rest now at last.

4 thoughts on “Leave Whitney Alone

  1. I wrote a post yesterday for Fork called Leave Larry Alone – but mine was in jest – yours is in earnest and I couldn’t agree more. We make the mistake of thinking their business is our business just because they’re in show business. Sad all around.

  2. So true, Deb. It’s like we think we own celebrities and are entitled to peek into every aspect of their personal lives. Sometimes I wonder if the fame and fortune are worth these intrusions.

    PS I can’t remember why I’m not already signed up for your other blog… will subscribe right now!

  3. Carol

    I have a feeling she was trying to deal with a lot of anxiety and couldn’t just “be”, that she had to be a celebrity and all that comes with it. The whole situation is just sad and I hope her family heals as time goes on.

    • So true, Carol. It really was a gilded cage for her. All we can hope is that she’s at peace now and that we remember the joy her music brought us. Thanks for stopping by!

      Peace & Blessings,


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