New Jersey 101


• We call it Great Adventure, not Six Flags.
• We call it the shore, not the beach.
• We call it pork roll, not Taylor Ham or Canadian Bacon.
• We call it a sub, not a hoagie or a hero.
• We call it the Parkway, not the Garden State Parkway or GSP.
• We call it the Turnpike, not the New Jersey Turnpike or NJT.
• We call it the City, not New York City or the Big Apple.
• We all know a guy named Anthony Bologna and of course, call him Tony Baloney.
• We think a hard roll with butter is a complete breakfast (two food groups = ahead of the game).
• We all declare the region we’re from – instead of saying we’re from “New Jersey,” we say I’m from “North Jersey”, “Central Jersey” or “South Jersey.”
• We say stuff like “I got your _____ right here” and believe it is a logical sentence.

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