Lilt and Lift


In my dream, there were three keys to life.

Water. To live by it, to drink it in, to bathe in it.

Full-body stretch. To move physically and figuratively.
To extend beyond your usual parameters.

Contempt. Not to indulge in it; no, to keep it separate from you.
In a cedar strongbox at the foot of your bed.
To know the power of the negative but not to aim it at anyone.

This is the lilt and lift of life.

It seems impossible that tons of metal with clip-on wings could stay aloft,
but off we go. Inertia and intention form an uneasy partnership.

Feeling the weight of all my obligations at once
makes it impossible to move forward.

The point is alternately taking flight and setting down roots.

Take it all as it comes and meet life where it is.
Cargo or co-pilot, just get on the plane.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Live, commit, release.

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