Big Krimpin


Butterscotch Krimpet? Or ancient relic.

I love a sweet treat every so often, so I got some Krimpets the other day. The date on the package puzzled me so much, I took a picture of it. January 29…AD. Well, this is February, so it’s a bit overdue, but it made me wonder. Do they need to use the “AD” to differentiate from other ones on the market that are marked “BC”? Shudder!

New Jersey Phrases: No Disrespect


“Uniquely New Jersey Phrases” seems to be the most popular feature on my ‘umble bloggie, so let’s have at it again!

No disrespect – Jon Stewart does a good impression of the stereotypical Jersey accent using this phrase.
Ya think? Oh yes, you are being mocked if someone from Jersey says this to you.
Might hafta be suttin – We may need to start a physical fight if this argument escalates.
And that’s the God’s honest truth – Usually a rather dramatic pronouncement.
True fact – This doesn’t seem redundant to us at all.
I’m workin heyah! – As in, keep it to a dull roar, jamochs!
Six a one – Abbreviated version of the cliché “six of one, half a dozen of the other.”
Guy’s a buster – As in, someone who is bustin chops/bustin shoes/bustin yer hump.
Suckatevvy – An extreme Jersey version of the word “secretary.”
Noo fricken Jerzee – Only we are allowed to use this phrase; otherwise, it’s disrespectful.
Whatta ya want fuh nuttin? – Means nothing really, but used as a catch-all for things that don’t make sense.

The Writing Life: Motivate your Muse


“Some people wait for the muse to whisper in their ear. I sit down at my desk every morning and tell the muse to roll over and get her ass out of bed. I set my working hours… I also set a word minimum: a thousand words.

“If you’ve got a full-time job and a houseful of kids, (it’s difficult to find time) to devote to writing. Find one hour. Every day. It’s your other job – your writing job – and you can’t neglect it. Do it. You’re a writer.”

Ellen Sussman, author, NY Times best-selling novel French Lessons (Ballantine, 2011)

New Jersey Giants


Visiting Australia many years ago, locals would ask me where I was from. “New Jersey,” I’d say, and more often than not, they’d reply, “Oh, the capital of New York?” It was frustrating at the time, but after a while, I got used to it.

New Jersey and New York are so closely linked, we’ve actually become a region. Today, for example, many of my neighbors are wearing blue and white in honor of the Giants going to the Superbowl. They’re a New York team, of course, but we’ve always called them the New Jersey Giants. They train here, they play here, and most of the players are from Jersey, as Governor Christie said the other day.

There’s also the Statue of Liberty. This symbol of American freedom “belongs” to New York but is actually situated in New Jersey.

So I’ve gotten used to people assuming I’m from New York, even though I’m a lifelong resident of the Garden State. At least for today, you can call us New Yersey.