More Uniquely New Jersey Phrases


Back by popular demand, more Jersey Tawk!  Here’s how we pronounce commonly used words:

All = Awl

Drawer = Draw

Can’t = Kee-ant

Sandwich = Sangwich

Newark = Nork

New York = The City

Boonton = Boot’n (Drop the first “n.”)

Trenton = Treh-ih (Try it yourself.  It’s contagious.)

All I know = Alls I know

You guys = Youse guys

Ever since = Every since

Always= Aw-ways

And now some frequently used New Jersey phrases:

  • Got that right.
  • That’s what I’m talkin bout.
  • Thank you.  (As if someone else made your point and you were taking credit for it.)
  • Y’Well-cm.  (When you hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you, Jerseyans sarcastically say this version of “You’re Welcome.”)
  • Guy’s a Shoobie. (Someone who visits the shore for a short time in the summer.)

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