PUBSLUSH Test Drive: Week Two


So, in a previous post, I discussed the crowdsourced funding site, PUBSLUSH Press, and decided to take it for a test drive.  Writers upload ten pages of a work in progress and let the site’s readers decide if they want to pledge to buy the book once it’s completed.  I didn’t post a link to my manuscript during the first week so I could see what happens organically, without the benefit of publicizing it.

As it turns out, one person has supported my book already, which did surprise me.  I figured I’ll spread the word to my networks and see what happens next.  I doubt there will be any obligation to actually support my book – it takes 2000 supporters to reach completion.  At that point, PUBSLUSH will publish the whole book and promote it, etc.

Most writers who have been through the publication process will go right to the fine print and check out crucial elements, such as royalties and copyright reversion so they know what it is they’ll get out of the agreement.  Those still in the “cherished dream of writing” stage will go for the community feeling, the instant upload, and the easy progress tracking – it will be about the experience, not the end result of publication.

Just in case you want to see my book-in-progress, “Phyllis Stein,” here’s the link.  Please forgive the funky lines that show up here and there – some kind of formatting glitch that I decided to live with just so I could test the site.  Let me know your feedback about the PUBSLUSH Press site – is it a viable alternative to traditional publishing?  All comments welcome!

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