So I’d been hearing about “Crowdsourced Funding” and thought I’d give it a test run and report back on how it goes.  Yesterday I submitted ten pages of a manuscript to Pubslush and, so far, so good.  It’s fairly straightforward and the service is free.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Submit ten pages of a manuscript.
  • Tell friends and colleagues to check it out.
  • Readers view your excerpt and decide (hopefully) to support it.
  • Reach 2000 supporters (yikes!) and the full book will be published.

Customer service has been very responsive and it’s easy to check on the status of your book. Another positive feature is that Pubslush donates books to children in impoverished countries each time a book reaches publication stage.

Will keep you apprised as the process continues…

6 thoughts on “PUBSLUSH Test Drive

  1. Hi Deb! I didn’t post the link to my 10 pages yet – the first week, I wanted to leave it up on Pubslush without publicizing it to see what happens “organically,” then next week I’ll spread the word. Just want to see how the site works for users and what they can expect so I can blog about it. Do appreciate your support, dear heart! 🙂

    • Hi Heidi, thanks for commenting! To submit to Pubslush, you need:

      Edited for grammar and spelling
      .doc, .pdf, .rtf, or .txt format
      10 pages, double spaced
      1″, margins
      12 pt font
      Times New Roman, Arial, or other standard font
      Overview pitch (20 words)
      Summary (250 words)
      Video message, Images (optional)

      As a side-note, I initially submitted in docx format and had to re-submit. And there’s no set word count for the ten pages.



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