Naming Names


Okay, top news in New Jersey is that our governor isn’t running for Prez.  Check.  I predicted that!  But one thing I want to know.  Why does anyone name a kid “Chris” when the last name is “Christie?” 

There was a local newscaster years ago named “John Johnson,” and I thought the same thing.  “Jackie Jackson” of the Jackson Five.  “Boutros Boutros Ghali,” former head of the UN.

What’s with the Name-Names?  And then there’s the other scourge:  names that become weapons against you.

A few days ago, a New York City cop allegedly pepper-sprayed some of the Wall Street protestors.  His name?  Anthony Bologna.  Yep.  Tony Baloney.  Everybody in New Jersey knows a guy named Tony Baloney.  Why can’t expectant Bologna moms resist naming their babies Anthony?  There oughta be a law.

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