Good Lies/Bad Lies


My son was kind enough to pretend that the pasta bake I made tonight was yummy (it was actually gummy – got distracted and cooked it a minute too long!  It was shot!), and I realized that there are good lies, and there are bad ones.

Good Lies

  • That dress looks flattering.
  • I like your haircut.
  • Mi casa, su casa.
  • The check’s in the mail!
  • You sing like a bird. (Unspoken:  This includes emus.)

Bad Lies

  • Ah, but on you, it’s a beauty mark!
  • Dozen donuts, please.  Not all for me!
  • Leather pants and a feather boa?  So trend!
  • Oprah? On her own magazine cover for the millionth straight issue?  Not self-indulgent at all!
  • Mutton chops really are making a comeback lately, aren’t they?
  • Your public awaits, Mr. Christie.



3 thoughts on “Good Lies/Bad Lies

  1. So how funny would it be to watch both of us trying to make off with the box of donuts! Although, I have to say, my favorite? “You sing like a bird?” I am always going to laugh now when someone says that.


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