Zombie Bunny


There seems to be a lot of zombie movies lately. Have you noticed? Zombies must have great agents. They seem to be getting all the roles that used to go to vampires. Dja’ever wonder where those old vampires go to retire? Definitely not Boca.

Here’s further proof that zombies are proliferating, even taking over the jobs of fluffy little animals. I got the world’s first picture of a bona-fide zombie bunny. I’d named him Bun-Bun, till I realized he was a zombie. Now we call him Zom-Zom. Any better suggestions for his new zombie name?

3 thoughts on “Zombie Bunny

  1. in567

    Zombies and vampires. Korean TV dramas are getting more vamped up (a pun!) with their stories havin’ to do with vampires now. One thing they gotta improve on, though, is betta teef. They look too chunky thick (bad costume teef). Zom zom! (snicker, snicker…)

  2. You know, sf, I think zombies are really just misunderstood! I know what you mean about the teef, though. They always look so bad. Like they’re meth zombies or something! Did you ever see World War Z? Now that’s a good one. Scary as heck too! 🙂

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