Blessings of the Everyday Routine


So Central Jersey is still recovering from Hurricane Irene, and some towns are officially “closed” – check your town’s municipal website to see if yours is one of them. In Franklin Township and Manville, only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads, and those who live near rivers are stuck inside for the time being due to major flooding. NJ Transit is still shut down, although there are some bus lines running. There’s a “boil water” advisory for Essex, Union & Harrison. Power is still out for many in New Jersey.

Quite a visit from mother nature, this was. As for me, the sump pumps came back on and the water in the basement is slowly receding. Once the stores open tomorrow, I’ll need to get some more clean-up supplies like bleach to get rid of the mold. All things considered, I’d say we were among the luckier ones. We have power, we have food and water, we have friends that live on our street if we want company so we don’t get stir crazy.

Really makes you appreciate your home and the things we take for granted: clean drinking water, the ability to drive your car into town to pick up a loaf of bread when you want to, having the garbage picked up on Mondays. When everything stops, you realize how seamlessly it usually runs. We’ll be back to our regular routine soon enough.

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