Sunday, Aug. 28th

12:32 AM

I’m watching the Weather Channel and there’s a red scroll across the bottom of the screen: Flash Flood Warning for central Jersey counties. Now, there’s an orange scroll: Tropical Storm Warning. Hurricane conditions only 10% likely, but tropical storm conditions are 100% likely. Gusts to 70 MPH.

I’ve never heard winds like this before. What a noise it makes – sounds like a train rushing by. Still pouring down tons of rain, and it’s 73 degrees outside at half past midnight. More later.

4 thoughts on “Hurri-Up

  1. Mary Boscaino

    I hope everything’s okay with you, Ruth. Head the advice and stay in, hopefully staying dry. Glad you’ve prepared for it!

    • Thanks Mary! Good to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well too. We did get a flooded basement, but we’re doing okay otherwise. The flooding knocked out the AC, but Irene herself is providing ventilation now – we opened the windows and the breeze is beautiful. Odd moments of gratitude in a kinda crazy episode. Peace & Blessings, my friend! R:)

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