Blessings of the Everyday Routine


So Central Jersey is still recovering from Hurricane Irene, and some towns are officially “closed” – check your town’s municipal website to see if yours is one of them. In Franklin Township and Manville, only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads, and those who live near rivers are stuck inside for the time being due to major flooding. NJ Transit is still shut down, although there are some bus lines running. There’s a “boil water” advisory for Essex, Union & Harrison. Power is still out for many in New Jersey.

Quite a visit from mother nature, this was. As for me, the sump pumps came back on and the water in the basement is slowly receding. Once the stores open tomorrow, I’ll need to get some more clean-up supplies like bleach to get rid of the mold. All things considered, I’d say we were among the luckier ones. We have power, we have food and water, we have friends that live on our street if we want company so we don’t get stir crazy.

Really makes you appreciate your home and the things we take for granted: clean drinking water, the ability to drive your car into town to pick up a loaf of bread when you want to, having the garbage picked up on Mondays. When everything stops, you realize how seamlessly it usually runs. We’ll be back to our regular routine soon enough.

Post-Hurricane Update


Well, the hard part of the hurricane is over! Now comes the fun part – the clean-up. The lights only flickered on and off throughout the night. We were lucky not to have lost power, since almost half a million New Jerseyans are experiencing power outages.

So the basement got about a foot of water overnight. Sump pumps got overwhelmed and stopped around 1:30 AM. The water’s at 6 – 8 inches now – need to find a way to get the sump pumps working again. My poor old boots got waterlogged and since the lining is faux fur, they’re too soaked and heavy to use anymore. Also had to turn off the air conditioning since the unit got flooded.

Much work to do – more later.



Sunday, Aug. 28th

12:32 AM

I’m watching the Weather Channel and there’s a red scroll across the bottom of the screen: Flash Flood Warning for central Jersey counties. Now, there’s an orange scroll: Tropical Storm Warning. Hurricane conditions only 10% likely, but tropical storm conditions are 100% likely. Gusts to 70 MPH.

I’ve never heard winds like this before. What a noise it makes – sounds like a train rushing by. Still pouring down tons of rain, and it’s 73 degrees outside at half past midnight. More later.



Saturday, August 27th.

8:19 PM. Another Hurricane Update, or Hurri-Up. Now things are really percolating here in Central Jersey. Rain is coming down in buckets, and the wind is moving it across the road in waves. I didn’t hear my sump pump for a while there and was getting worried, but luckily, it just kicked in. My basement has flooded many times through the years and it can cause problems if your washer and dryer get soaked, so this time my son and his friends helped me lift them up off the floor and onto thick bricks.

I unplugged the treadmill and once the last load of laundry is done (got everything washed and dried in case the power goes out), I’ll unplug the dryer too. Got the cell phones and laptops charged up, and dug out an old DVD player that runs on batteries. Bought a bag of ice to cool drinks in case the power goes out, lots of snacks and candles.

Nothing else we need to do to get ready. We’ll watch the Weather Channel and News 12 New Jersey for the latest information. Gonna go hunker down now. More updates later.

Central NJ Hurricane Update aka Hurri-Up


As of 2:22 PM here in central Jersey, it’s not even raining yet. It’s slightly overcast and really muggy outside. We did get an email advisory from the township that said:

Alert: OEM advises residents to stay indoors and off roadways severity expected to be as severe as Hurricane Floyd.

The Office of Emergency Management is advising residents that Hurricane Irene will bring heavy rain and areas of localized flooding throughout the Township. Rain, wind and damage is expected to be as severe or greater than that of Hurricane Floyd. Residents are asked to stay indoors and off of roadways.

Will update as the day goes on.