Humble Thanks


Bless the soldiers who sacrifice,
who serve and do us proud.
Protect these home-grown heroes
out there in a foreign field,
on the front lines
where fear and fate intersect.
Place them in Your perpetual care.
Bring them back to us intact,
back to the warmth of home,
the smell of fresh bread,
mom in an apron, flour on her face,
the high school sweetheart, with a promise ring.
Back to the things they are fighting for.
From my Prayable, A Soldier’s Story, on

Techie Translation

HAF 922 by David Atkinson Images
HAF 922, a photo by David Atkinson Images on Flickr.

I don’t understand my son’s Tech Accent. Tech-cent? He’s a gamer and a Tech Dude who throws acronyms at me like “LOL” and “IDK” – sometimes even “Bee Tee Dubs.”

Today he said, “I just heard Windows 8 will support XBox 360 games, Ma.” I said, grunt? Eye roll. “You know, you can play XBox 360 games on Windows 8 once it comes out.” I said, “oh, I get it.” But do I really?

Weather Whine


Heard myself complaining that it was muggy today here in Jersey, then remembered that, not too long ago, we were snowed under.  This is my dog, Sheena, in our backyard this past February.  A little humidity?  No big deal.