Don’t Self-Depreciate


Watched a clip on the TUT site – Wise Guru Mike Dooley’s forum to spread positivity and inner change – and he was being interviewed by a student at the University of Southern California.

As the interview went on, the student asked how to turn off “self-depreciating” thoughts.  At first, the writer in me was annoyed.  She’s a student and she meant to say “self-deprecating.”  But then I thought…. maybe she’s right.  Knocking ourselves down does tend to “depreciate” our innate value.  I think she’s coined a new phrase that I may co-opt in the future.

Mike’s story of the first “Note from the Universe,” written years ago – that’s a daily affirmation Mike sends out to remind us to access our higher selves – really resonated with me.  It read, “Excuse me, this is the universe.  Just want to let you know I’m recording your every thought, word and deed and, in the immediate future, I’m going to play it all back to you in some manifestation.”

Such a great reminder of the importance of ensuring that our inner narrative is on a positive tone.

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