Doctor of Ufology


Seriously considering becoming a “ufologist,” which is a person who researches the existence of unidentified flying objects.  Not that I’m interested in UFOs, nor do I believe in them.  Just seems like their conventions would be a blast!

What if all the “ufologists” obsessing about Roswell had a vision and had to go to medical school to become “urologists”?  Wouldn’t be that much of a stretch really.  Both probe into sensitive areas that nobody wants to talk about publicly and will deny to their friends!

2 thoughts on “Doctor of Ufology

  1. sf

    There was one time years ago (10 yrs ago at least, I think) when the sis and I were on the road here in LA. She was driving (of course) and telling me about something, when I saw a circle disk thing up in the sky. I just stared at it as it was far away and was coming towards us, as we were driving towards it on the road too. So it was getting bigger and brighter the closer we got. I’m tell ya, it absolutely made me think of Star Trek with lights on the bottom of it and all. But I didn’t say anything, thinking that I was the only one looking at it. Hoping that others on the LA streets saw it too and that somebody would call 911 to report it, of course. So I waited ’til the sis was gonna say something about it and then she did. She asked me, “Is that a UFO?!” I says, “Looks like it.” She drove slower and I waited for it to get closer, wondering if it saw us too, and if we were gonna experience what those other UFO-seers on TV had said they had experienced (getting beamed up and tested, that kinda thing). But then the bright disk flew up. More like diagonally away, but quietly, and it was gone in a zip.

    The sis and I never talk about it. But did it make us berserk and believers of UFOs? Nope. We just saw what we saw. As I believe that God is in control of all things, I just try to not think about “distractions” like that disk I saw. What could it have been? No idea. But as the Bible says that the enemy walks around as an angel of light, I suspect distractions such as those might’ve been his work. Anyhow, it was an interestin’ afternoon. Haha! Wherever we were heading to, we didn’t talk about that UFO again, and just enjoyed our evening (most likely we went to go grocery shopping or to go eat some chow).

    • Freaky stuff, sf! My neighbor swears she saw one too, many years ago, here in Jersey. She described it in the same way you did: a bright disk that was hovering, and then flew away at an angle, in a way that no plane ever could. I have to say, I’ve never experienced it myself, but I do believe anything’s possible. Why wouldn’t there be other intelligent life in the universe? They must be wondering why we do some of the things we do, like “planking” or “twerking”!! We can’t even explain it ourselves! XO Ruth 🙂

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