Governor WYSIWYG


So I didn’t vote for Chris Christie, but now that he’s been New Jersey’s governor for a while, I have to admit, I’ve developed a begrudging admiration for his style.

I’m not always buying his worldview, nor his draconian solutions in terms of vaporizing the state’s education budget, but when it comes to stating his case, you can tell he’s a former prosecutor.  His recent run-in with a teacher sums up his take on why he decimated the state’s education budget, even having you believing at the end that he’s giving an unbiased accounting of the facts. 

Christie is the most “New Jersey” governor we’ve had in decades, maybe ever.  He’s direct, opinionated, and sharp as a tack.  Sometimes he’s confrontational, sometimes congenial, but he is exactly the person he said he was when the populace elected him.  This is what he came to do, and that is:  shake things up.

Take a look at the governors we’ve had in the past.  As a kid, I remember the commercials for New Jersey, announced by our then-governor, Republican Tom Kean.  His patrician New England accent (“New Juh-sey and you, puh-fect tuh-gethuh”) just didn’t sound like we do in Joisey.

Years ago, Jim Florio, a Democrat, had an approach similar to Christie’s – rough-hewn, blunt -but after he gave us the largest tax increase of any state in US history, he fell out of favor.   “Flush Florio” bumper stickers popped up all over the state.

We had controversy after Democratic governor Jim McGreevey resigned from office, announcing that he had engaged in a gay affair with a man he’d appointed homeland security advisor in the state.  At his press conference, his wife stood there with an odd frozen smile as he said to the world, “My truth is that I am a gay American.”

Democrat Jon Corzine, the millionaire accused of buying the office, seemed out of touch as governor, more a professor of philosophy than an answer man.

So we could call Christie Governor WYSIWIG.  What you see is what you get.  He doesn’t pull any punches, and he never claimed to be a cuddly-muffin-bear.  Let’s hope the kind of change he’s bringing will be good for the state in the long run.

Unexpected Awesomeness



  • This glorious autumn day right before a long weekend.
  • Carrot cake.  Veggies?  In a cake?  Awesome!  Does it count toward the food pyramid?
  • Enjoying the work you do (like writing for Prayables).
  • My son’s friends, Luke and Nicky (whom I call Nuke and Licky)  hanging out with us today.
  • Their pink mohawks – sounded unusual, but somehow, really works!!

Shady Day Room


My sunroom is a serene place to write, and often, as I lean my head back in thought, I’ll look up at the skylight and see a squirrel looking in at me.  This morning I saw footprints in the frost and knew I’d had company.  There’s also a dirt outline of a leaf that’s been intriguing me.  It’s perfectly shaped, like a little nature tattoo.  But is it art?

This sunroom was intended to be a place to read, knit, sip tea, and write novels.  As it turns out, it is all of that and more.  The only thing it isn’t, is an actual SUNroom. 

You see, just as we were building this sunroom, the lot behind us, once a little forest, was bought and workers prepared the foundation for a house.  As it went up… and up… and up, we noticed that it was three times the size of my modest little ranch.

After it was built, I faithfully lugged my laptop, notebooks and prayer chain (extra creativity, if You please) into the alleged sunroom, sat in my comfy chair and noticed something was off.

You see, now that the ginormous house behind us was finished, it completely…. blocked… the sun.  So it is now a shady day room.  But I can’t complain, it’s still an oasis for me.  Just kinda wish I could at least get one ray of sunshine in there once in awhile!

Doctor of Ufology


Seriously considering becoming a “ufologist,” which is a person who researches the existence of unidentified flying objects.  Not that I’m interested in UFOs, nor do I believe in them.  Just seems like their conventions would be a blast!

What if all the “ufologists” obsessing about Roswell had a vision and had to go to medical school to become “urologists”?  Wouldn’t be that much of a stretch really.  Both probe into sensitive areas that nobody wants to talk about publicly and will deny to their friends!