An Odd Gratitude List


I’m so grateful for my crazy old dog, who glared at me when I wouldn’t give her yet another treat.

I’m grateful for my son, who isn’t speaking to me right now because I made him cut his mile-high hair.

What a blessing it is to think these things are problems. I’m grateful they don’t know what it is to really struggle.

4 thoughts on “An Odd Gratitude List

  1. sf

    I need to remember to be grateful for my car working at least, when I get lost on the road or when I’m stuck in perspiring traffic. p.s. Wish I had a dog.

    • That’s true, SF! My friend’s car just died for good and she’s trying to figure out how to get another car. Also, I think your dog will come to you when it’s time. Arf!

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