Oh Joy! Another Thing my Mom was Right About.


“You’re not going to wear that out, are you?”  My mother, God rest, used to always ask me this as I got ready to go out. I would roll my teen-age eyes and tell her she was just not with it.  That everyone wore stuff like this when they hung out with their friends.

If she noticed I was wearing mascara, she’d say, “Why do you have all that black stuff around your eyes?”

Now, I look at my son with his mile-high hair and I think it would take a weed-whacker to cut it. 

The other day, I was watching a show with my hirsute son, and I commented about a woman on a t.v. show, “Do you think she meant to wear that outfit?” My son rolled his eyes.

3 thoughts on “Oh Joy! Another Thing my Mom was Right About.

  1. sf

    My sis tells me to change my clothes almost 90% of the time – even my shoes, scarves, and hat. If my makeup is too freakish for her (she barely wears any color, just powder and mascara), then she’ll say to me, “Halloween’s over”.

    • Hi SF! I think you’ve just hit on an interesting facet of your sister’s belittling nature: she must think she’s the matriarch of the family. She’s put herself into the role of “everybody’s mom” and she thinks she’s helping by being so critical. I know it doesn’t feel like help, though. It isn’t fun to be around people, but I think in their hearts, they must mean well. Don’t you think?

      • sf

        I didn’t say on my post that the actual commentor of those statements is my sis because I sure don’t want folks to hate her or anything. Although she comes across mean and basically talks down to me ’til I feel like “poo under a shoe”, I KNOW that she loves me and I love her too. Words cut sharp and deep, and I’m definitely guilty of slashing back once in awhile too.
        Oh heck, when that chick says stuff to me about Halloween bein’ over, I laughed and rolled on the floor until I almost fell down the stairs. She may be the meanest person I know, but she’s also the funniest and the most kind-hearted nurse (incredible!) at her hospital for sure.
        She does mean well and her hurtful words I know are meant to sharpen me up to see and be a bigger and better person, I know.
        My favorite of all of her criticisms? When she told me that my hair made me look like John Denver and the guys in the Dukes of Hazzard.

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