The Dog-ter Will See you Now


Root canal, dry socket, codeine.  Not necessarily words you want in your life!  Years ago, I had a root canal and was given pain meds, which didn’t sit well in my stomach.

Scene:  Me in bathroom, having just prayed to the porcelain god, in fetal position on floor, moaning in pain, crying for sweet release from this mortal coil.  I am facing toward the toilet, back to door.

Cut to:  My border collie/black lab mix, Sheena ambling in, head tilted, tail all a-wag.

Fade to:  Sheena sitting down next to me, furry face placed gently on top of my right cheek.  The exact spot where I just had the root canal.  Fade out.

This master manipulator, this loofah-stealer, so well-versed in co-opting half my dinner, did not ask for a treat.  She didn’t try to nudge me toward the snack drawer.  She stayed with me, even though I offered nothing in return.

Dogs know where the need is.  They see with their hearts.  Lesson we should all learn!

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