Elena Kagan, Unknown Quantity


The President’s Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, has no record to speak of so it’s impossible to judge the potential judge. 

I’m not trying to stir up controversy here, but she’s a judicial fetus, and pundits on both side of the speculum, sorry spectrum, are trying to prognosticate what she will do if she is appointed to the bench.

Conservatives have tried to dredge up dirt on the nominee, to no avail.

There was a moment of lunacy early on when some “accused” her of being a lesbian and “character reference” Eliot Spitzer (!) said he’d gone to school with her and, although he didn’t date her, he knew of a man who did.

Yikes.  Apparently she’s not gay, but what if she were?  Accusing someone of being who they are?  Wow.  Maybe someone can “out” most of the senators in DC as being “grizzled” and “pale.”

Progress indeed.

Who really cares who’s gay or straight?  Does it affect your life in any way what consenting adults do behind closed doors?

I say, if you can find love in a world such as this, gay on.  More power to you; in fact, God bless you.

Love is a gift.  I don’t care what kind of package it comes in.  Just be grateful for it and treasure it.

So I guess I didn’t succeed in avoiding controversy, but what are ya gonna do?  Sue me and take it to the Supreme Court?

4 thoughts on “Elena Kagan, Unknown Quantity

  1. Love your style and indignation Ruth! I was just talking to my Dad the other day about Elena Kagen. He has FOX News on 24/7 and you guessed it… he would not agree. So interesting to hear different perspectives. Too bad everyone can’t be right on hot button issues like us 🙂

    • Thanks, Sue D.!

      You know, 90% of the seniors I interview each week for my seniors’ issues column tell me they rely on only one source: Fox News. One lady told me, “Glenn Beck tells us things the government doesn’t want us to know!” Yes. They’re called prevarications. Obfuscations. Rantings! But I should talk. I know from rantings. ‘Preciate the great feedback lady!

      Peace out!


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