Random Stuff I’d Like to See Happen


Oprah Winfrey marry Deepak Chopra so she becomes Oprah Chopra.

Challah bread renamed Holla! Bread and everybody who ate it would be in a cheery frame of mind.

Ruggelah replace arugula on the food pyramid so I can eat it all day long and get my veggies in.

Muffin tops stop giving me a muffin top around my middle (in particular, carrot muffins that match my carrot top.)

George Foreman stop being all up in my grill.

7 thoughts on “Random Stuff I’d Like to See Happen

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    • sf

      In a couple of Ravi Zacharias’ radio programs, he had mentioned that he had wanted to give one of his past books the title: From Oprah to Chopra (I think it was his 2nd to last book on different religions). That’s cool that you had thought of their rhyme before too!

      • Those two billionaires, that is, self-help gurus (!) get along so well, they may as well get hitched! I’d never heard of Ravi Zacharias until you mentioned him on your bloggie, sf, so maybe I should look him up. Wonder if his shows are online somewhere?

      • sf

        I had last mentioned about Ravi’s Website on my “flying off my watchtower” post: http://wp.me/s3Krx3-waters

        What’s interesting about him is that he had committed suicide (I think by poisoning himself, which caused his bad facial skin) when he was younger. That’s when he discovered God’s being true and became an apologist. I used to listen to his radio programs regularly back home whenever I’d drive on the road, which is called Let My People Think. He’s Indian and his wife’s Canadian, I think. His voice is just so engaging, if ya know what I mean. I hope ya enjoy listening to his programs also, if you do listen to ’em one day.

        So many years ago, when I had first picked up a Chopra book at a bookstore, I had no idea the guy was such a rich nut. But yikes, when I see that guy on TV (like on a CNN interview) that fella’s bling-studded eye glasses sure show how his self-help books have been racking him in some big dough!

      • sf

        As I listened to the Monday Testimony post shared by Wings of the Dawn: http://wp.me/p3Krx3-J5
        I found out that the author of that book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Nabeel Qureshi) also works for Ravi’s ministry too, as a fellow apologist. Cool!

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